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Defined as a 21st century artist by the nature of his work, m.dreeland introduces a pop art style that mixes basic acrylics and relief techniques from old masters with hi-tech tools of the present.

Modern technology, with the use of design programs, has allowed m.dreeland to spotlight a unique step and repeat style by using multiple layers and common objects. Thick paint and bold colors characterizes m.dreeland’s work. Despite a recognizable texture, abundant use of color and multiple layers of paint, what remains is a basic shape, a seemingly familiar object. Working to throw computer programs into the common paint/brush mix and adding in his artistic flair, m.dreeland establishes a unique combination that adapts to a variety of media faster, quicker and tighter. 

Eager to share what he enjoys most about his work m.dreeland has said, “Being precise and exactly up to the edge isn’t what makes my work enjoyable — it’s those little nicks, smudges, and blobs of paint over clean lines that draws the viewer in.” And what is it that he features in his art? Common, easily identifiable shapes and themes that people can relate to masked with diverse colors and presented in varying light.

m.dreeland has been a featured artist at the Time Warner Center in New York City multiple times from 2009 through 2012. He has been commissioned to create installations in NYC for the Andaz Hotel on Fifth Avenue and for the 100 Gates Project in the Lower East Side.  Outside of New York, m.dreeland has shown many times during the prestigious Art Basel fair in Miami at Spectrum and during the 2015 event he also created a custom live installation in Wynwood for Paramount Pictures release of Zoolander 2.

m.dreeland has received mention in publications including The New York TimesArts ObserverWhitewall MagazinePaper MagazineManhattan Magazine and GQ Magazine.  


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